Enterprise Success Factors

Successful Initiatives Do the Following Sequential Steps:

  1. Characterizing Invention – Feature, Function & Speculation as to What Customers Would Enjoy Operational Advantages (Benefits)
  2. Conduct Market Research – Establishment of Market Need-Fit & How to Facilitate Decision to Buy
  3. Develop Business Plan
  4. Initiative – Selecting, Chartering, Assigning Leader/Driver, Asset Requirements  & Funding the best Initiatives to Invest In
  5. Operational Planning & Execution – Developing & Focusing the Initiative Execution Team, Launching the Initiative, and Care and Feeding To Achieve Strategic Objectives

It has been shown that those Initiatives that fail to follow these steps fail 70% of the time.  Why invest valuable resources into an Initiative unless you are willing to improve your odds of success by following the steps of highly successful initiatives listed above.

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