About Prism

Prism’s Team & Affiliations Includes –                          Key Players/Practices Include:

    • Successful Business Owners
    • Market Researchers
    • Bill Aulet, Managing Director Martin Trust Center For MIT Entrepreneurship:  Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup – Consultant & Practioner
  • Errol Forkner, Executive Enterprise Development Consultant: Market Research, Business Development, Initiative Planning & Execution Leadership, Go-To-Market Planning, Initiative Program Management, Sales Enablement Training /Sales Guide Development, Sales Model Design, Change Management, Six Sigma, CRM Support Systems
  • Channel Partnerships Leadership & Management Experts
  • Product Design Experts
  • Manufacturing Experts
  • Distribution Experts
  • Larry Hendershot, Associated Management Group, Inc. – Financial Systems, Value Analysis, Investment ROI, and Task Management Consultant
  • Dan Oister, Accendis – Channel and Product Management Deliverables Consultant
  • Steve Tronick, Sales Acceleration and Business Growth Specialist
  • Jennifer Durkin, Handcraft – Change Management Experts
  • Sales Performance International – Solution Selling Experts
  • Service Experts
  • IT CRM … Support Systems Design, Configure, Deploy & Train, Maintain

If you need to identify and provide methodology for any of the following contact us:

  • Identifying and Profiling Your Ideal Customer Communities
  • Designing Enterprises to Consistently Deliver High Customer Value Profitably
  • Leading your Execution Team to Focus on Delivering High Customer Value Flawlessly
  • Lead Your Marketing to Optimize Customer Awareness, Consideration and Predisposition to Purchase Your Products and/or Services
  • Enable Your Sales to Identify, Qualify, Close Opportunities and Bring About Your Solution Adoption in a Timely Manner
  • Enable Your Services to Plan, Implement, Maintain and Bring About Your  Solutions Adoption in a Timely Manner
  • Operational Planning
  • Initiative Team Building & Alignment
  • Lead Your Cross-Functional Team  (i.e. Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution, Sales and/or Service) to Focus on Consistently Deliver High Value Customer Solutions Profitably
  • Lead  Your Enterprise to Adopt Best Practices in Operational Execution  Including: Monitoring, Feedback Loops and Close Loop Corrective Actions

Let us help you identify critical success factors, holes in your current capabilities Assessment@PrismEntDev.com (720) 304-2784

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Customer/Client Oriented / Valued Partnerships
  • Current State of the Art Expertise & Continuous Improvement
  • Customer/Client Specific Consulting Services to Enable / Support Their Sustainable Success
  • Transfer of Expertise to our Customer/Client Enterprise