Change Management

Initiator / Change Agents- Making Good Things Happen

What Is The Good Thing – Critical to Survival, Success and/or Very Important to Overcome Barriers

  1. Pain/Opportunity – Something Not Happening That Needs To Happen
    • Latent Pain – Not Even Aware of and Living w/Pain
    • Accepted Pain – Cannot Do Anything To Fix – Que Sara Sara
    • An Observed / Researched Need / Sometimes “A Solution Looking for a Need”
    • Acknowledged Pain & Hoping/Looking for a Solution That Might Exist
  2. Solution Impetis, Listener, Cognitive Researcher/Initiator – Change Agent – Role/Concerned/Motivated
  3. Tasked and/or Personally Motivated – Sense of Responsibility To Provide Needed Change
  4. Necessity Experienced Pain driven to find Solution – “Mother of Invention”
  5. Observation of Pain, Not Tolerant of Acceptance Status Quo… Customer Pain
  6. Scientific Discovery, Experimental, Creative and Intuitive Invention
  7. Curiosity and/or Tasked/Skilled at 6∑ Processes Used To Examine/Identify Root Cause(s)
    • Envisioning – Design of Policy, Processes, Methodologies To Provide Closed Loop Corrective Actions… Entrepreneurial Processing/Methodologies, Proof of Concept (Market, Marketability, Doable), Strategic and Operational Planning
  8. Lead/Orchestrate Organize, Operational Execution – Program Manage
    • Staff, Task, Coach/Mentor/Train, Processes and Methodologies, Project Manage, Reporting/Communication/Acknowledging/Rewarding, Difficulty/Challenge/Problem Timely Resolution “Closed Loop Corrective Action”

KSA – Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  • 6∑
  • Customer Oriented Conceptual Selling
  • Change / Adoption Management